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Hiroyuki Tsuda

Prof. Hiroyuki Tsuda (Ph. D.)

Optical communication system/ Optical signal processing/
Photonics-Electronics integrated device/ Optical communication device.

"Our laboratory is researching on optical devices and communication systems for next-generation photonic network: ultra-fast, small, and power saving photonic switch; ultra-fast optical signal processing circuit; and advanced network systems for higher capacity, etc. Through these activities, we aim to foster far-sighted researchers/specialists with knowledge from material/device to system/protocol."

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Koji Anju

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Kentaro Kato

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Koki Sugiyama

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Takahiro Inaba

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Yutaro Sato

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Yudai Okuno

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Shigeaki Sakai

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Masaki Suzuki

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Fumi Nakamura

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Masahiro Ninomiya

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